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Each Pirate Class will have their own set of companions that provide your Captain with a well round crew. No Cat Pirate or Ninja Pig Companion because their impossible to get. Presidio Companions In the beginning of the game, Boochbeard and Gandry ask you how your parents died. Practice Points are only used to improve your pirate, whereas Training Points are only used to train Companions. At the end, Im glad to ask you, what is your favorite setup for Nausica and against which class and why? Normally, we shoot for 7-8 wins per raid. As for Nausicas talents, I assure you her bevy of talents is wonderful. Unlike the other summons from this pack, FaunFaun is a serious damage threat, not just a chip damage threat. As the legends of Aquila say, theres no noble gladiator without a centaur to fight by their side. The Musketeer's iconic power is the Rain of Mortarshells which blankets an area with explosive traps! If you abuse it correctly by rushing your opponent (Assuming youll run Goro Fan Nausica) with Goronados Vicious charge and Nausicas PBS +3 power both under black fogs effect, youll ensure your control over the match, as this combo is greatly invincible if used right. She was the first charging Musketeer companion that could walk and hit simultaneously. 2013-2018 A Pirates Portal; Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. All Rights Reserved. Cool Ranch 2: Tumbleweed / Haunted Skyway. KingsIsle EntertainmentWizard101 The Pirate Story A Pirate's Life Pirate World Game Preview Mini Games Video Library Player Guides Overview Membership Crowns Prepaid Cards Chapter Pricing Gift Certificates Redeem Code Earn Crowns Merchandise Spirit of returning is the least bad of these 3, since it has the only unique power (a high range AOE Hurl Blades). Like most MMORPG games, Pirate101 offers Booster Packs which can include items not found anywhere else in the Skyway. Todays article is about a very notorious centaur queen that has been standing strongin the PvP Meta now for almost 5 years. Once the promotion is over, so is the chance to acquire the companion. Furthermore, theres this nasty glitch where if Ghor dies to a critical basic attack (not from a power), his Eagle Eyes ability will stick around permanently, active on the square where he died. Answer 1 of 4: Are there any travel sites where people can safely meet up with fellow travelers, going to the same places? I think he does a lot of things kind of well, and is capable of doing lots of damage with generically good and powerful epics and abilities, but hes excellent at almost nothing. Overall, dont buy the pack unless youre in it as a collector. The 3D free Pirate game allows players to create their own Pirate to sail through the Skyway in hopes of treasure and daring quests. Overall, this pack is worth investing in until you get Baar. You can also buy companions from the crown shop, or in bundle packs. Bison Shaman Reward from Black Storm Rising, Chicken Ranger Reward from Bust Em Out, Tyson (Chicken Pugilist) Reward from Pugilist Integrity, Duck Holliday(Duck Lawman) Reward from Payback, Corporal Sanders (Chicken Soldier) Reward from The Ringleader, Hidenari Kuga (Samoorai Archer) Reward from Steal From The Rich, Masamune Goto (Samoorai Bushi) Reward from Off Duty, Private Mills (Grendadier Sergeant) Reward from Fearful Symmetry, Random Named Swashbuckler (Eagle Archer) Reward from Hello, Walls, Egg Shen (Goose Student) starter companion, Nanu Nanu (Water Mole Spearman) reward from A Fishy Business, Ensign Emmett (Otter Ensign) reward from Bad Company, Monquisitor Reward from The Fruit of Creation. Its also perfect for countering musketeers specifically, as they struggle to compete with the damage of true grit burst fire chains, due to their low dodge. Back in early 2014, when the companion talents were super limited (most companions only had 3-4 epics), Nausica outshone the rest of the pack, as she possessed the 6 epics she has to this day. Special Event Companions: Atom why is lago considered in port regal, isnt port regal in skull island? Overall, this pack isnt great for companions (Id give it somewhere around a C or C+). This guide will tell you which companion (s) is/are best for each of the five classes, with a focus on PvP. While these companions are usually not as useful as some of the other main story companions, it's generally agreed upon that Lucky Jack Russell is the best of them all because there's not many privateer companions available in the game and he's the most versatile. His summons are great at doing chip damage. Holkun is one of them, which is the nicest thing I can say about him. She has promotion quests as level 8, 31, and 57. Louise Le Bisque/Pepe Detorteau: he is a defensive musketeer companion. But not to fret, youll probably like some of the new companions offered in the future. These Packs offer your Pirate a chance to win one of the exclusive Pack Companions. As you get more experienced in Pirate101 PvP, you may begin considering investing in a crown shop companion or two. Companion:Billy the Kid (Billygoat Gunslinger), Companion:Billy the Kid (Billygoat Sharpshooter), Companion:Bones McGee (Skeletal Marauder), Companion:Chantal Livingstone (Flamingo Fusileer), Companion:Chantal Livingstone (Flamingo Marksbird), Companion:Chantal Livingstone (Flamingo Sharpshooter), Companion:Corporal Sanders (Chicken Soldier), Companion:Crown Shop Billy the Kid (Billygoat Gunslinger), Companion:Crown Shop Bones McGee (Skeletal Corsair), Companion:Crown Shop Buffalo Bill (Bison Sheriff), Companion:Crown Shop Corporal Sanders (Chicken Soldier), Companion:Crown Shop Duck Holliday (Duck Lawman), Companion:Crown Shop Hidenari Kuga (Samoorai Archer), Companion:Crown Shop Jane Canary (Canary Sharpshooter), Companion:Crown Shop Lefty (Crane Rifleman), Companion:Crown Shop Monquistador Crossbowman, Companion:Crown Shop Pig Raider Crossbowman, Companion:Crown Shop Private Mills (Grenadier Sergeant), Companion:Crown Shop Skyfire (Bison Hunter Spirit), Companion:Crown Shop Skyfire (Bison Scout Spirit), Companion:Crown Shop Tricky Vinny (Frog Pirate), Companion:Crown Shop Weasel Gambler (Weasel Gambler), Companion:Crown Shop Wild Bill Peacock (Peacock Lawman), Companion:Ghor (Battle-Tested Beastmaster), Companion:Hidenari Kuga (Samoorai Archer), Companion:Holly Jolly Roger (Skeletal Corsair), Companion:Holly Jolly Roger (Skeletal Marauder), Companion:Holly Jolly Roger (Skeletal Raider), Companion:Jane Canary (Canary Sharpshooter), Companion:Lemba Moonskull (Moonskull Bolt Thrower), Companion:Lemba Moonskull (Moonskull Pelter), Companion:Lemba Moonskull (Moonskull Stormcaster), Companion:Louis LeBisque (Crab Cannoneer), Companion:Louis LeBisque (Crab Harpooner), Companion:Mister Scorch (Charred Crossbowman), Companion:Mister Scorch (Charred Marksman), Companion:Mister Scorch (Charred Sharpshooter), Companion:Moresco de Valvida (Flying Captain), Companion:Moresco de Valvida (Flying Monquistador Sorcerer), Companion:Pepe DeTorteau (Crab Cannoneer), Companion:Pepe DeTorteau (Crab Harpooner), Companion:Private Mills (Grenadier Lieutenant), Companion:Private Mills (Grenadier Sergeant), Companion:Rooster Cogburn (Chicken Lawman), Companion:Sergeant Sanders (Chicken Veteran), Companion:Weasel Gambler (Weasel Gambler), Companion:Wild Bill Peacock (Peacock Hero), Companion:Wild Bill Peacock (Peacock Lawman), https://www.pirate101central.com/w/index.php?title=Category:Companions_that_are_Musketeers&oldid=19047. The BEST Companions to use on EVERY Class in Pirate101 11,356 views Jul 16, 2021 239 Dislike Share Seor Spicy 1.08K subscribers Hey peeps, here's my video on the best of the best companions in. The Haywire Marine is unfortunately kind of underwhelming. He specializes in creating traps and obstacles to slow down his enemies so he can snipe them from a safe distance. . B Companion:Billy the Kid (Billygoat Gunslinger) Companion:Billy the Kid (Billygoat Sharpshooter) Companion:Bison Hunter Companion:Bison Scout Companion:Black Annie Rackham Companion:Black Storm Hunter Companion:Black Storm Scout Additionaly, hes great at 1 on 1 combat, despite lacking a Super Strike, because of his trained epics (Vengeance 3, Blade 2, Relent 2) and Tide 3 making him a monster below half health. With this combination, Naustica can go on a rampage and take down 2 to 3 targets. She single-handedly stops muskets from dominating the PvP meta. One of my friends told me there is one in Valencia. They all have a movement range of 7 and are epic, mega, and super critical strikes, respectively. Quest: Fearful Symmetry / Badge: Tiger Tamer : Private Mills Musketeer, Grenadier Sergeant, A Bagha Khan Swashbuckler, Tiger Auxiliary, Eagle Hoplite Swashbuckler, Eagle Hoplite, Eagle Mercenary Buccaneer, Eagle Mercenary, Serpent Augur Witchdoctor, Ophidian Augur, Badge: Troggy Chief Tamer Defeat Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah 25 times, Badge: Lord of the Apes Defeat Gortez 25 times. The new Ducky Logos are a result of that, I plan to have lots more for you guys soon! However, this setup is not just for fighting Musketeers. Kobe (and his crown shop counterpart) is a good unit, particularly on privy, where zeal makes the combination of First Strike 3 and Riposte 2 terrifying against melee units. If there was a grade worse than F, Khord the Second would get it. But the quest Bad Company, will give each class a different new companion. Even without her synergies with Black Fog, she remains powerful. Samocles (Eagle Gladiator) Reward from Hungry Hungry Gladiators, Arena Training, Its A Trap!, Kitty! Find out in this game! You can also acquire special companions through Pirate101 promotions. Why Wizard101's Empyrea Will Be the Last World in Top Five Must-Have Wizard101 Mirage Drops. You can learn more about any of the Companions talents and powers on Pirate Centrals Companion Listing. ~ Capt. Another semi-reskin of Dead Mike thats way worse than the original, yay! I give him a generous grade on Privateer for similar reasons. // Enable Bootstrap Tooltips Sarah>Subodai any day and especially with Fans buff and Toros and her own crit buff she is a chaining machine. Your email address will not be published. Afraid. Please update this list. Unless you're undertaking some sort of self-imposed challenge, you'll likely go into battle with a handful of loyal crewmates by your side. The release of the bundle was nearly 5 years ago, and she is still as good as she was back then, if not better. On the other hand, there are some you should never buy (Nurse Quinn and the Chicken Miner come to mind). Swashbuckler: Fan Flanders, El Toro, Nausica. There are four packs in Pirate101: the Tribal Crew Pack, the Grizzly Beast Booster Pack, the Ashes of the Armada Pack, and the Pirate Nightmare Pack. This is Ghor, but you have to train Eagle Eyes, he has a worse starting epic, and he has no Eagle Eyes glitch. We meet any number of crazy characters in the Pirate101 Spiral, but some are definitely deadlier than others. Companions are the main fighting resource in Pirate101. Be patient with us. Can two heroes in love make it through? Froggo Villa (Salamander Backstabber) Reward from There Goes the Bride, Chicken Miner Reward from Miner Difficulties, Stormy Sky (Black Storm Raider) Reward from A Warriors Honor, Buffalo Bill (Bison Lawman) Reward from Payback, Mustang Sally (Mustang Fencer) Reward from Bloods Own Hand, Random Named Yakooza Reward from Yak Where We Belong, Lt. Springer (Dog Captain) Reward from Fearful Symmetry. She formerly served as a marine in Port Regal Skyway and then as a gunner's mate in Schrimshaw, but her work never took her out of Skull Island, leaving a longing for more. The Musketeer damages their enemies at long range and keep them at a distance with traps and obstacles, denying foes any chance for hand-to-hand combat. So, until witchdoctor companions receive some sort of permanent increase to their accuracy stat, Cornelius will be a non-viable unit. Its the mighty Nausica! Is there an easy way to. Along with Pack Companions, the Royals at KingsIsle will offer Promotional Companions, from time to time. Players assume the role of heroic pirates that set out in search of the treasures of the Spiral, the same fictional universe used in its sister game Wizard101. Hoodoo Cornelius is aninterestingcompanion. Ive found him to be excellent as part of the anti-buccaneer build I mentioned while discussing Baar. This guy is just getting included for completions sake. Cannons are exploding, guns are going off, there's a ringing sound of swords clashing, you sigh a relief and look at your goat monk companion who is backing you up in this surprise trap. From the mountains of Achea comes this great companion. It gives Nausica a greater chance to land full chains and crits on them. However, registration is not a condition of copyright protection. Follow, Our Wizard101 guild is looking for additional members that are interested in raiding 1-2 times on a weekly basis. Shop. However, that didnt impact the grade I gave him. Dont know if this was on purpose, or if KI just forgot to rename him after making him a worse rehash of the worst companion in the Grizzly Beast pack. Hes bad, but he at least provides some good points of discussion, unlike the Cutthroat Pirate. He only has an epic strike. She's also prepped with Overwatch 1 and is often trained with 3 to reduce accuracy. You ever see a FaunFaun with battle zeal? Its also worth noting his Big Guns ability becomes much more powerful in an environment with no rules, as you can combo his Scratch buffed bombs with explosive barrels from a musketeer pirate and Gracie Conrads mine to devastating effect. Ive made this joke before, but Atohr is Atohr-ible. Ninja has talked at length about Wu Tang on buck, so I wont get into too much detail. The additional stuff is really really bad. However, his poor range (4), poor mobility (4 movement), and lack of guaranteed critical attacks (only has a Big Guns) makes him useless against non-musketeer units and somewhat replaceable against muskets. The Imperial galleon is pretty handy too. After her parents were thrown in jail, the only way Fan could provide for herself and her sisters was thievery, and she was eventually led to Skull Island where she picked up piracy aboard the ship of new Swashbucklers. Peter, unlike some of the other level 4 starter companions, comes with Relentless 1, which every pirate would be training anyway, so that's a bonus for him. Where you can find them and which quests theyre related to. Musket has Wing Chun and never uses him, so they definitely shouldnt invest in a strict downgrade. $('[data-toggle="tooltip"]').tooltip(); Companions are an essential part of Pirate101's gameplay and story. Maybe my grade for him on Buck is too nice, but being a powerful strength based unit has to mean something. Furthermore, he is more durable than the Battle Angel, which is very valuable in this exact matchup. Other than him, the companions here are horrendous. , A Pirate's Portal Is A Smartphone / Tablet Friendly Blog. Hes notobjectivelybad, but hes just not worth your time when Kobe and Wagyu exist. (Seriously). Your email address will not be published. In general, copyright registration is a legal formality intended to make a public record of the basic facts of a particular copyright. When summon strategies are banned however, or youre on musket, Baar just doesnt shine. }); From the mountains of Achea comes this great companion. Whys that? Each Pirate class has its own set of companions that can become part of your crew. Underrated? It puts more stress on them, as her chains drain their health rapidly. Until then, see you all next time! Eric Jolly (Chicken Pugilist) Reward from Stomp that Foote! This pack is horrendous for companions (overall grade: F). Being tankier is a slight upside, but his epic suite is worse than most Vengeance Strike 3 buck units and he only has Turn the Tide 1, making him much easier to ignore when hes below half health. there has been an update where marleybone and aquila have been added please tell us the companions u get from them. Pick your Class: Next! Pirate101 Companion Guide Mar Scarlet Hawkins & Temujin Pirate Crews Each Pirate class has its own set of companions that can become part of your crew. You can also acquire special companions through Pirate101 promotions. These powers allow her to move AND shoot simultaneously. The choice you make determines which Presidio companion you will get. Bison Scout Reward from Black Storm Rising. If you have any Companion Info, please use the form. There's an Aeo Eloise's quest in Novus requires tracking down the Toadflaxes, which are scattered across the world! Yes, this companions name is Khord. In order to recruit her youll have to buy the Empire Bundle, as shes included as a companion from this bundle: Currently there isnt any other way to obtain her besides having that bundle, bought online for $39. He has no powers, his bloodsucker ability is kind of irrelevant since hes just such a non-threat offensively, and his summon is nothing special. Tonka (Bison Champion) Reward from True Love Triumphs? As such, I wont feature it. The following 106 pages are in this category, out of 106 total. First of all, she has very unique charging powers that almost make her a half buccaneer half musketeer. Although a fifth bundle, the Boochbeard Bundle, once existed, it and its companion are no longer obtainable. // Enable Bootstrap Tooltips Heres a list of the currently known companions (to the best of my ability anyway). 3. This is a list of the examples of Promotional Companions. Fiercely fire! It hits like an absolute truck and has very good stats, including a sizeable health pool. Chilam does get buffed by the Undead Banner, but banners arent good, particularly the Undeads Banner devastating punishment when it gets removed. Bison Shaman Reward from To the Rescue! Choose wisely! In addition, Haywire Strike has the potential to do excellent damage. There are so many different companions in the game, easily over 50 in the game. Interested individuals should join our discord server and speak with a staff member So probably a C or C- on swash and a D- or F on the other classes. The first one allows her to have better chances to deal more chains with double tap 1. Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! He can take hits because of his health, deal a lot of damage and start attack chains. Peter hits hard and fast, making him number two on the list. I think its just a timeline thing. Pack Companions There are a lot of moving parts to this combo and a lot more busted stuff to be doing when there are no rules. Post Comments However, Dan only gets a Rouse, a heal with a nasty tendency to low roll. The first a main way to obtain companions is to play in the main story and you are rewarded with them in the main storyline. Pirate101 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Sneaky Sneaky is only useful on units that are threatening. Can two heroes in love make it through? This is certainly a powerful ability, especially on an expendable unit like a companion. The second setup is a dedicated anti-musket setup. Catbeard who you pick up in Marleybone Skyfire (Bison Scout Spirit) Reward from Relic of a Restless Spirit, Dan Drake Reward from The Legend of Burlys Gold, Bat Masterson (Vampire Lawman) Reward from Payback, Samoorai Musketeer Reward from Turnabout, Crokagator (Reptile) Reward from Crokagator Dundee/Crok Solid, Random Name (Serpent Augur) Reward from The Chains That Bind, Lucky Jack Russell (Dog Pirate) Shipwrecked, Gaspard de Vole (Guinea Pig Guard) Armada, Ninja Pig Given in the Marco Pollo Map code, game roll-out promotion in 2012, Cat Pirate Given in the Boochbeard Bundle, head-start promotion in 2012, Yule Trogg Crown Shop part of the special promotion of 12 Days of the Spiral December 2012, Giordano Bravo Buccaneer, Guinea Pig Guard, Lucky Sterling Swashbuckler, Mouse Fencer, Crazy Monquistador Musketeer, Crazy Monquistador, Water Mole Slingman Musketeer, Water Mole Slingman, Quest: Them Rats of Nim / Badge: Best Chum, Quest: Hear No Evil, See No Evil / Badge: Tierra Primata Pilgrim, Monquistador Crossbowman Musketeer, Monquistador Crossbowman, Quest: In Sickness And Health / Badge: Ornithologist, Badge: Order of St. Dorotea Defeat the Valvida Brothers, Moresco De Valvida Musketeer, Flying Monquistador, Martin Valvida Buccaneer, Undead Monquistador, Monquistador Explorer Buccaneer, Monquistador Explorer. I make guides in order to help and reach the Pirate101 Community out. None of them are the best at what they do (Lemba comes close, but has a few key weaknesses) and most of them are strict downgrades of other companions that are largely easier to obtain. Ill be organizing this list into 3 categories: Crown Shop Companions, Bundle Companions, and Pack Companions. Since the hedgehog summon isnt very good and Feeding Frenzy is terrible (maybe it gets some mileage against summon spam), Laarn is useless. There are four packs in Pirate101: the Tribal Crew Pack, the Grizzly Beast Booster Pack, the Ashes of the Armada Pack, and the Pirate Nightmare Pack. Make sure to recruit her when your pirate has reached the max level cap (Level 70 right now) so you can recruit her 3 levels above your pirates level. Centaurs Charge is one of the most unique companion powers weve seen so far. Required fields are marked *, Final Bastion

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