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So, you want to democratize venture capital. He quite correctly, given his stage didnt want to risk pissing off his guests, for fear of getting a bad rep and losing referral intros. Stebbings said that a $33 million fund will be dedicated to pre-seed and seed investments, each totaling between $250,000 to $500,000, and a larger, $107 million fund will target growth stage startups, with investments of $3 million to $5 million each.He said the fund, in which he is the sole general partner and will make all the investment decisions, would back startups from anywhere in the world. Currently, the fund focuses on investments in the United States with an average investment size of US$500,000. You may change or cancel your subscription or trial at any time online. I dont love being on the board. As for Harry, Harry Stebbings is the founder of The Twenty Minute VC, the world's largest independent VC podcast with guests including Brad Feld, Andy Rachleff, Peter Fenton and many more. The show drew the attention of early adopter website Product Hunt: by November that year, an interview with Mark Suster pulled in over 100,000 listeners. Podcaster-turned-VC Harry Stebbings raises two funds totalling $140m, Former McKinsey boss joins a VC to raise one of CEEs largest growth funds, Wise and Monzo founders back legal generative AI startups $10.5m Series A. What does he send emails about? The simple answer is the network he has built up through his podcast. I was undergoing chemo and radiation and had little energy. Currenlty, Harry serves as the contributor for TechCrunch and co-host of The Twenty Minute VC Podcast. A Conversation with SaaStr Founder Jason Lemkin and 20VC Host Harry Stebbings (Pod 631+Video) by Amelia Ibarra | Blog Posts , Fundraising , Podcasts , Videos After several years of booming business in SaaS, the world of fundraising nearly gave everyone whiplash when capital stopped flowing as freely in 2022 as it did in 2021. The following was originally posted on Ty Dancos blog and is being republished with permission. He founded the worlds largest independent venture capital podcast, The Twenty Minute VC which has more than 100,000 listeners and has partnerships with Mattermark as well as ProductHunt. authenticate users, apply security measures, and prevent spam and abuse, and, display personalised ads and content based on interest profiles, measure the effectiveness of personalised ads and content, and, develop and improve our products and services. Looking back, these early podcasts were classic examples of creating MVPs essentially Harry executed 2 beta projects, and then focused on improving the more successful VC podcast. While Harry started as a student/groupie, listening to his idols, he now has become the role model: his business can easily be turned into a case study of how to incorporate Lean Startup methodology, inbound marketing, virality, and much of todays startup gospels and convert it into uncommon reach and influence. Take Johnny Boufarhat at Hopin (one of those founders who would call him up at midnight): The events platform is just one element of the product that unlocks a lot more.. Stebbings also works as a. Meanwhile Stebbings still a relatively new kid on the block in VC says hes learning how to be a great fund manager via his LPs. Also investing in the fund are several founders of successful startups, including Johnny Boufarhat, the CEO and founder of virtual events software platform Hopin, and Alex Will, cofounder and chief strategy officer at mental health app Calm. During your trial you will have complete digital access to FT.com with everything in both of our Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages. Harry Stebbings is a podcaster and founder of 20VC currently based in London, England, United Kingdom. He once shared a photo of him and his mother where he referred to her as HERO. What became apparent over time was that in interviewing VCs, doing his homework and studying the field, Harry kept applying their teachings to his own business, with spectacular results. Today, Stebbings is announcing that he's now raised two 20VC funds a $33m early-stage fund and another $107m growth fund which he will lead as a solo general partner. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. A lot of times a Series B or C [stage startup] approaches us or their investors do and say, Hey, were thinking about distribution, the content machine, the founder brand and then I write a $3-5m cheque in a $30-50m round, he explains. This is just Part I of the Harry Stebbings Saga I get asked all the time by young grads How do I get into VC? I used to talk about getting operating experience, blogging to create a personal brand, networking all the usual cliche advice. He's a legend of the industry and a true pioneer and I . Dealflow comes from two sources: Rounds coming together and people [bringing me] in proactively, or me finding something interesting and being proactively outbound on that market., As far as outbound goes, at the moment (post-fundraise) his focus is on the KYC and AML (know your customers and anti-money laundering) sectors: Its a completely broken industry.. Which European banking app is winning the race for customers? Called 20VC, the plan is to invest in U.S. startups across. When someone adds him on Snapchat, where he has 40,000 followers, he makes sure to send back a cheery personalised greeting. If youd like to retain your premium access and save 20%, you can opt to pay annually at the end of the trial. (Hes a solid A now.) So, lately, he's been listening to job offers. ), What has happened, though, is that as Harry himself has gotten wiser and more confident, he now draws on his previous interviews to diplomatically bring up the opposing viewpoint and incorporate it with some authority without overtly confronting his subject. Its a small part, but its super collaborative, and I bring something very different., He says he can also bring something to the due diligence process. Harry Stebbings, the 24-year-old London-based creator and host of The Twenty Minute VC, is launching a micro VC fund of $8.3 million. Postings on Product Hunt? [4] [5] In 2019, Stebbings was included on the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Europe list, in the finance category. A new study found spending fewer days on the job was good for productivity, reduced stress, and let men have more time with their kids. He is a man of average stature. Harry Stebbings, a British podcast presenter, is the originator of The Twenty Minute VC podcast, in which he interviews famous venture capitalists and. @KillCreek @TrustVanta is one of the best on: Career advice for parents. On February 11, 2019, Harry revealed on tweeter that his dad has had multiple heart attacks while his mother suffers from relapsing & remitting MS. Whatever the means, Im sure that Harrys listener acquisition cost is zero. Showing all 0 items Jump to: Certification; Certification. Thats one of the biggest solo VC partner funds either side of the Atlantic. I bring my thesis, and they improve it with theirs. In the last year, Stebbings has been able to start doing deals himself thanks, once again, to the strength of his personal brand. Not Anymore. Unlike Stride, 20VC does not lead deals and does not take board seats. How the biggest companies plan mass lay-offs, The benefits of revealing neurodiversity in the workplace, Tim Peake: I do not see us having a problem getting to Mars, Our ski trip made me question my life choices, Michelle Yeoh: Finally we are being seen, Apocalypse then: lessons from history in tackling climate shocks, How Glasgows tiny, muckraking crime mag stays afloat. At the end of the day, media is venture and venture is media. After my post, Harry contacted me, saying: Hi Im that overenthusiastic, fawning Brit you reviewed. . 25 Jan 2023 01:20:19 At least in theory, everyone benefits. Offers may be subject to change without notice. From the $33m early-stage fund, Stebbings will write cheques of $250-500k in a $3-4m seed round. I gave Harry a B, summing up the show as "VCs fawned over by an overenthusiastic Brit". Now it needs them to drive economic growth. Because Stebbings was only 18. Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions. Incredible guy. Yet Stebbings is far more than a giddy teenager. Well, one interview leads to anotherand hes always quick to thank and give public credit to the introducer. . Hes come from a meeting I do back-to-back meetings on Thursday and hes on his way to another one. Which begs the question: how has he come so far, so fast? The 24-year-old Londoner behind a technology investing podcast that he launched as a teenager has raised $140 million in new funds to back start-up firms. I've wanted to do thi s episode ever since I started the show over five years ago. In a series of tweets . Learn more He asked about a competitive VC interview show (one that was a little longer and more ponderous) that Id given higher grades to, and wanted to know why. This past week, Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, Justin Kan, Roelof Botha and Marc Andreessen all separately praised the journalism of Harry Stebbings. I loved the concept, the structure, the brevity, but a number of characteristics bothered me. cookies Big Tech Jobs Were Once a Golden Ticket. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy | CA Notice at Collection and Privacy Notice| Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information| Ad Choices All I do every day, he says, is think: how can I get more listeners today than I had yesterday? While his peers sleep off hangovers, hes up every morning for an 8am breakfast. Through his podcast, Stebbings builds relationships. Stebbings is blunter. Turnoffs include founders who lack ambition, who try to cover things up and who arent great at fundraising (its part of their job), he says. In 2018, he co-founded Stride.VC with Fred Destin with 100,000,000 but later stepped down as partner. Harry, in the words of your countryman Ali G, Respek! It has been featured consistently in Apples Top 10 Business Podcasts, Whats Hot sections, as well as New & Noteworthy. I loved the concept, the structure, the brevity, but a number of characteristics bothered me. He said, Ive never broken up with anyone my dating life is woeful so it was really tough to do. However, Harry did not give details on who he broke up with or his next step as far as dating is concerned. 2023 Fortune Media IP Limited. All Rights Reserved. A tweet or blog from a venture capitalist you follow? He already has a head of finance its important to build the best LP product as well as the best founder product and hes currently hiring a head of operations and an executive assistant. On December 6, 2015, Stebbings was sitting in a lecture when he received a call from newly minted VC Arielle Zuckerberg, Mark's youngest sister. Apaer from startups and VC, Harry enjoys mojitos as well. Harry Stebbings: That's enough of these dreary British tones, so now I'm very excited to welcome Ryan Sandler, founder and CEO at Truework. ", Read more: 'Now is the best time in history to be an entrepreneur in Europe': State of European Tech report. He works towards his goal with a focus bordering on the obsessive. They meet the coolest companies, and the founders go, Oh my god, were meeting the founder of Nubank. It helps on both sides of the table, and we can really win deals because of that.. If I were a VC, Id be recruiting him as hard as possible. So what magic do they see in this boy wonder? 2023 Sifted EU Ltd. All Rights Reserved. SaaStr Podcast #001: Tiago Paiva, Founder On How Talkdesk Reached $3m in Sales Without Spending $1 on Marketing. Meta Verified Shows a Company Running Out of Ideas. This ep tomorrow is not only a masterclass in building & scaling sales teams but is beyond fricking motivational. He is also the founding partner of Stride.VC, a London-based early-stage fund. " Security! And Harrys impact just keeps snowballing. How and when to hire for sales? How do they think about putting a structure in place to grow into their leadership?. Menu. Anything that strengthens collaboration between VCs and founders, especially in Europe, is a really positive thing, says Ljungman. Bpifrance: Inside the machine powering French techs rise, Text-to-video GenAI for staff training startup Colossyan raises Series A. WIRED first speaks to Stebbings on a brisk Thursday morning in early October. Stebbings energy is overpowering. A couple of years ago Harry approached me about being on The Twenty Minute VC, says Atomico partner Mattias Ljungman. It is so great to have you on the show today. He proceeded to Northcote Lodge from 2004 to 2008. Simply put, this concept requires quality content to be put out regularly to build an audience. When The Social Network inspired him, he was sitting in Vue Fulham Broadway, aged just 13. Yet Harry Stebbings is already a podcaster whose episodes have been downloaded more than 100 million times and who last year raised $140 million for his own venture capital fund. Hes excited to be there, so his guests are too. Harry left his job at venture capital firm Atomico in May 2017 after six months since he began working there. He changed some things (no longer effusively praising any minor league VC with no meaningful exits as a legend), but also stood his own ground when I suggested that he ask more hardball questions. (Harry, I know youre reading thisyoud become my favorite podcaster of all time if you get another interview with Tim Draper and ask What is it with this Ayn Randian bullshit about all government is bad, Silicon Valley should secede from the US so you dont have to support less advantaged parts of the country, and your refusal to admit that Theranos management made egregious errors? Just asking! We use I've heard so many good things from Delian, from Alex, from Keith, from Alfred. His father is a stockbroker and his mother has multiple sclerosis; the podcast was initially. Compare Standard and Premium Digital here. The Twenty Minute VCs first big break came from establishing a cross-platform partnership Mattermark, which knows a thing or two about growing a loyal audience of VCs and startup folks. Thoma Bravo buys third identity company this year with $2.3B ForgeRock acquisition I dont want to lead rounds and sit on boards, Stebbings said. [2], In May 2017, Stebbings left his job at venture capital firm Atomico after six months working there. [3], Stebbings stepped down as partner at Stride.VC, a firm he co-founded with Fred Destin in 2018 with 100,000,000. "I fell in love with VC because I watched The Social Network," he says. Join Harry and discover how you can attain fun. Harry is the Founder of The Twenty Minute VC, the world's largest independent venture capital podcast with over 100,000 listeners, partnerships with Mattermark and ProductHunt and guests from. In 2021, Harry went through his first big breakup. But thatll be it. @balderton.com, @thetwentyminutevc.com, @googlemail.com @gmail.com, and @stride.vc. The angel podcast just wasnt attracting as many downloads for predictable reasons. Other notable investments include Pachama, Nex Health, Sorare, BeReal, Linktree, Taxdoo, Athenian and Merge.[9]. Whether or not Stebbings is a one-off is unclear, but we do at least know that venture backers are viewing his Rolodex as a key competitive advantage and asset in the wild world of investing. Harry analyzed the data, and ditched what wasnt working. and other data for a number of reasons, such as keeping FT Sites reliable and secure, Why PLG and enterprise at same time is SO hard. Mark Cuban joins host Harry Stebbings to talk about reshaping the pharmaceuticals industry, how to hire and build truly great teams, what brand really means . The podcast host guests from more than 200VCs such as Benchmark, Y Combinator, Kleiner, Accel, and Index. 2023 Forbes Media LLC. He also "That does sound rather worrying. Harry Stebbings' Post Harry Stebbings Founder @ 20VC 4d Report this post . Harry is 25 years old. More from Forbes 30 Under 30 - Europe - Finance 2019 List. Currenlty, Harry serves as the contributor for TechCrunch. The pair of funds one for early stage and one for growth stage total $140 million in assets under management, plucked from LPs including MIT, early Spotify investor Shakil Khan and RIT Capital partners. The total is a 15X increase from Stebbings inaugural $8.3 million fund, launched less than a year ago. Hes ballooned to 100k downloads per show, getting bumps from social media mentions of people with large followings., VCs who have been interviewed naturally publicize the show, looking to capture the attention of the many young startup founders who comprise a good part of the audience. Host: Harry Stebbings (@HarryStebbings) Key Books Mentioned. He's moved on pretty quickly though. organisation I love the podcast, now I love being a VC but I always wanted to be a VC.. Ever see much content on, say, the perspective of a VC funds limited partnersi.e., the source of all the money? It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. . "I came out of the lecture, phoned my parents and said, 'I'm leaving.'". commentary and analysis you can trust. Jobs People Learning Dismiss . Now funds are deployed in 12 months and you have to play the game on the field.. And he posts on all the major social media channels. attended Mander Portman Woodward and Kins College London where he earned a Bachelors degree in Law. In May 2020, he launched his venture capital fund, 20VC fund and raised a further US$140,000,000 in funding in June 2021. (He's a solid A now.) Stebbings is best known for his twice-weekly podcast, in which he interviews venture capitalists and entrepreneurs about how they do what they do for, as the name suggests, 20 minutes. The podcaster made his first foray into making his own startup investments in 2018, when he joined veteran venture capitalist Fred Destin in creating Stride VC, a London-based firm focused on making seed investments. Terms & Conditions. But maybe more notable is what his assumed success as a 24-year-old who has won a spot in competitive deals and raised a massive venture capital fund means for the way that tech is evolving. 20VC, hosted by Harry Stebbings, takes you inside the world of Venture Capital, Startup Funding and The Pitch. The government has used fines, bans, and golden shares to control tech companies. Have you met Ed Cooke, founder of Memrise? That way hes known so when he sends an investor an email, he can make sure its got that personal touch. From the $107m later-stage fund, hell be writing cheques of $3-5m in $30-50m Series B or C rounds, in the very best companies from Europe and the US. Explains the severe consequences of 'helicopter parenting' You can't bail your kids out of all their problems Hes also not planning on expanding his team massively. Despite an economic crisis, political chaos, and the regimes ban, TikTok influencers are still thriving in Afghanistan. From Twenty Minute VC to 20VC, Harry Stebbings launches a micro VC off the back of his popular podcast. Premium Digital includes access to our premier business column, Lex, as well as 15 curated newsletters covering key business themes with original, in-depth reporting. But is it bad? "I looked at it and I thought, this is where my abilities lie, and this is what I love," Stebbings recalls. Stebbings told Fortune that while he admired Destin and considered him a mentor and friend, their investing styles ultimately diverged. For cost savings, you can change your plan at any time online in the Settings & Account section. He once shared a photo of him and his mother where he referred to her as HERO. Within hours of the disaster, software engineers were rolling out applications to help locate people in need and distribute aid. You can follow this profile to get notifications of Harry Stebbings' new podcast credits. Its the focus on collaborating, rather than competing, which really sets 20VC aside from Stride, says Stebbings. Check if your [4][5], In 2019, Stebbings was included on the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Europe list, in the finance category. His investors are a notable bunch too, including institutional investors MIT and RIT Capital Partners; founders of many tech companies, from Atlassian, Unity and Mercado Libre to Calm, Alan, Rappi, Hopin and Nubank; alongside prominent VCs and angels, like Indexs Danny Rimer and Prima Materias Shakil Khan.

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