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Bag Limit: 2 daily. This may include: 1 General Turkey License valid statewide for male turkey in the spring and for either-sex turkey in Regions 1-3 and 5-7 in the fall; 1 Regional Turkey License in each of Regions 1, 2, 5 & 7 valid for male turkey in the spring and either-sex turkey in . All forms are in PDF format and must be completed and returned to FWP as instructed on each form. The sponsor can be a parent, step-parent, grandparent, sibling, step-sibling, child, step-child, spouse, or in-law. Drawings will be completed approximately two weeks after the deadlines except for antelope, which occurs in August. Licenses issued using this point are only valid for hunting with an outfitter. Fall General Season: October 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021. Form of Licenses and Duplicates Camping Stamp 18 and Older: For all categories of residences - increase camping stamp cost from $20 to $100. Hunters have a wide variety of options available to specialize their hunts: early archery hunts; late season migration hunts; remote backcountry areas; limited access areas with some true trophy animals; or even some additional licenses to add more meat to your freezer. The new app will be released soon with more information on how to download and use it. The appropriate documentation must accompany the unused license. Other individualized combination opportunities include: All combination licenses include a season fishing license and upland bird license. Our Memberships Include The Most Accurate Draw Odds Available, Join Now! For more information, visit The information on this page is intended as a guideline only. Duplicate certificates of completion for the Montana hunter education and bowhunter education courses may be obtainedonline at MyFWP using the Hunter/Bowhunter Education Certificate Form. without dogs, male and female mountain lion harvest from all Please hunt responsibly and have a safe legal hunt. Proceeds from the sale of Come Home to Hunt licenses are used by FWP to acquire public hunting access to inaccessible public land. Yes, non-residents can hunt in Montana. Paper applications are no longer accepted. Click below to view the website. General Combination licenses are issued through a random computer drawing. Landowners may designate a family member or employee to be placed in the draw for a tag. They further broke that number down into each region as follows: region 1 with 6,055 . The application for this license is available from FWP and requires medical certification. Montana hunting maps are available from onX Hunt. Here's our state-by-state breakdown for the 2022 deer hunting season. An elk management removal is a management response to the risk of brucellosis transmission between elk and livestock. Surplus License List sign-up timeframes referenced below are based on when the original drawing date for each species is scheduled to occur and are subject to change from year to year. We cover Montana wolf hunting information in our October issue. A member of the regular armed forces of the United States who is otherwise considered a Montana resident pursuant to item 1 above does not forfeit that status as a resident because the member, by virtue of that membership, also possesses, has applied for, or has received resident hunting, fishing, or trapping privileges in another state or country. Bonus points can increase your chances of drawing a special limited permit/license. Preference points prioritize a nonresident combination license applicant with more preference points over an applicant who holds fewer preference points. During the first 9 days Montana landowners can sponsor nonresident deer hunters to hunt on their deeded land. To register as a landowner sponsor for the 2023 license year, download the application below. For detailed draw odds where you can enter in your points to see exactly what your odds were last year, go to The possession limit is three times the daily bag limit. is two times the daily bag limit. The Hunt Roster is one of the ways FWP selects public hunters to participate in hunts where animals are causing damage to stored agricultural crops or private property. Moose, sheep, goat, deer, elk, antelope, bison, and mountain lion:mid-July, Go toMyFWPand log in for yourdrawing status. Also by the same law, depending upon whether the hunting district regulations offer limited permits or not, landowners may designate some or all of the hunters who may receive supplemental game damage licenses. Any special permit that a non-resident landowner draws will count against the 10% non- resident quota for that unit. The Montana bonus and preference point systems are voluntary. Quota: 17,000. No harvest reporting is necessary for moose. The exception is for sheep, moose, and goat for non- residents, which is $75 per species. Block Management helps landowners manage hunting activities and provides the public with free hunting access to private land and sometimes to adjacent or isolated public lands. Then if youre unsuccessful, youll be awarded an additional base bonus point for next years drawing. If you win a SuperTag, and also draw a license or permit through FWPs special permit license drawings, you will be required to surrender that license or permit before receiving the SuperTag. The 2021 mule deer population estimate is the lowest since 2014. A student must be at least 10 years old to register for Montana's hunter education courses. PO Box 250 . Surplus licenses are leftover licenses from the special license and permit drawings FWP conducts each year. By statute, a landowner may designate 75% of the hunters eligible to receive supplemental licenses if the hunt occurs in a hunting district with limited permits, and up to 100% of the hunters eligible to receive supplemental licenses if the hunt occurs in an unlimited permit district. A hunter can sign up to purchase their choice of nonresident combination license. Hunting permit drawing results now available By angelamontana Posted: April 14, 2022 HELENA - The wait is over as the deer and elk permit drawing is complete, just two weeks after the deadline. Remember, you must have your license with you while hunting. General Big Game Combo (Deer & Elk): $1,208 A Bow and Arrow license, plus the proper hunting licenses, is required during an Archery-only season for any speciesor to archery hunt in an Archery-only area or hunting district. There are a few simple ways to get your Montana license: Online at the Montana FWP website. However, this reduction in some B licenses in Eastern Montana is important to mule deer management, according to the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Bonus points are squared in the drawing. If your name comes up, you will be contacted with instructions on how to complete the purchase of the license. Each hunter may only register on one combination license list (Big Game Combination, General Elk or General Deer), and is not eligible to purchase more than one nonresident combination license a year. The additional $100 fee will be added to your total. An 11-year-old youth who will be 12 years old by January 16, 2024 may purchase a hunting license and apply for any drawing but cannot hunt until after August 15, 2024. Hunting Districts (150, 151, 280) *HD 316 does not have an The most bonus points a hunter can have going into the 2022 draw for deer and elk is 19 points. The maximum number of hunters who can apply as a party is five. Montana residents are active-duty military 15% of the limited draw tags are set aside for landowners. A Conservation, base hunting license, and valid General Deer, Elk or Antelope hunting license is required to hunt. It is every hunter's responsibility to know the land ownership of the area he or she intends to hunt and any land use restrictions that may apply there. For big game combination or elk combination licenses, you will be able to choose from the following if unsuccessful in the special drawing: keep your general combination license to use on the general seasons, receive an 80% refund of the license, or, if drawn for a big game combination license and you are unsuccessful in drawing a special elk permit, elect to receive a $351.20 refund for the elk license and be issued a deer combination license to use for the general deer seasons. Refer to theregulationsfor specific details. Youth who have completedhunter educationand will turn 12 years of age by January 16 of the license year may purchase or apply for licenses and hunt after August 15 of the license year. The possession Take a look at the new fees that were approved on January 4, 2022 and will be effective March 1, 2022: In most cases, to hunt legally in the United States, you must have a hunting license from the state where the hunt occurs and comply with the state fish and game department requirements associated with that license. *Date of Birth: *Phone Number: *Zip Code: *Residency Status: Select the from the list below to prove you are not a robot: Reset. The statewide buck-to-doe ratio in 2021 post-season surveys was 27 to 100. If you apply for a combination license and an elk permit, you will have the opportunity to select the 80% refund option. The measures included expanded wolf harvest seasons, increased bag limits, night hunting on private land, baiting on private land, and the use of snares for trapping. The regions are numbered 1 through 7 with the hunting districts in the region corresponding to that number. . All hunters are expected to know the rules of the program. Nonresidents who are awarded a Come Home to Hunt license must hunt with a properly licensed adult family member. Only purchase a preference point for the general license if you intend to apply in the next years draw. Zone 2 Bag limit: The daily bag limit is 6 ducks or mergansers. Your third choice will only be considered if there is quota remaining afterall applicants with that district as a first or second choice have been filled, or the quota is unlimited and allows third choice applicants. Obtaining a license from this list has no effect on your existing preference points. The application deadline for Montana big game, elk and deer combination licenses along with deer and elk permits is April 1, 2022 by 11:45 p.m. MDT. Purchase the hunting license(s) you wish to donate. Legally licensed youth ages 15 and under when accompanied by a Montana Hunting and Fishing License Fees License type Nonresident cost Resident cost Antelope (900 Archery) Drawing 205.00$ 19.00$ . For more information, contact the FWP licensing office at 406-444-2950. Montana does not allow crossbow hunting during archery season nor does it have a muzzleloader only season. These removals may take place throughout the winter and early spring and are applied only in those areas near Yellowstone National Park with brucellosis prevalence. Enter search criteria to find your information. The companion may also assist the permit holder by hunting (by the legal use of archery equipment only) a game animal that has been wounded by the permit holder when the hunter with a disability is unable to pursue and kill the wounded animal. Everyones first choice is given before anyones second choice is considered. Currently, hunters can hunt about 7.1 million acres of private land for free. You cannot apply and purchase bonus points in the same year. Applicants purchasing a conservation license can now opt out of donating 25 cents of that fee to Search and Rescue. License Fees (non-resident, 2022 prices): Bull Elk (OTC)-$700.98; Cow Elk-$526.17; Elk (either sex)-$700.98; Deer-$420.23; Bear-$103.60. Key dates, regulations, licensing info, hunting tips, essential gear, and techniques all in one place. Contact the licensing department directly with any questions. They need to apply for one of the big game, elk, or deer combination licenses in the general draw in order to apply for special, limited-entry deer and/or elk permits, both of which are due by April 1st. He has hunted in the US Northeast, the Carolinas, Hawaii, and worked in the hunting industry in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of NW Montana. There is no waiting period for bison, antelope, or ewe bighorn sheep. By law (MCA 87-2-520), FWP may issue a specific type of license called a supplemental game damage license, valid only for antlerless or doe/fawn elk, deer, or antelope, and valid only for a specific property, specific time period, and this specific type of hunt. Call 406-444-2612 for more information. Death of family member: License holders who experience the death of an immediate family member and are prevented from using their license may receive a 90% refund. The second member will use that number to attach to each application. The potential changes include a reduction in the number of hunting districts . Potential hunting regulation changes for 2022 and 2023 are available online for the public to review. If using landowner preference, you cannot apply as a party. FWP recommends all carcass tags to be kept in a small Ziplock-type plastic bags. The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Block Management. You must have a current year's Conservation license to purchase SuperTag chances. Possession limit is four times the A hunter harvesting a mountain goat must present the complete head with horns attached to a Department official within 10 days of the date of kill. HELENA - At its Feb. 4 meeting, the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission approved hunting regulations for the 2022 and 2023 hunting seasons with a significant focus on changes to elk hunting opportunities. 2-day and 10-day licenses are only valid for two or 10 consecutive days from the date of purchase. Montana landowners, both residents and non-residents, may qualify for preference in the special permit drawing for deer and elk. Super Tag chances may be purchased online. Over-the-counter. Super Tag chances may be purchased online at Not valid in Region 4. If you choose to print from home and do not print within five days of purchase, FWP will automatically print and send the tags by mail. In Montana, there are two primary types of licenses: General licenses that can be purchased over the counter; and special limited permits and licenses that are available throughdrawings. Youll receive a receipt verifying purchase that lists your lottery numbers. Any special permit that a non-resident landowner draws will count against the 10% non-resident quota for that unit. Montanas seven-year wait for individuals who draw a moose, sheep or goat license through Montanas special permit license drawings will not be imposed on SuperTag winners.

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