Mr. Hicks

Mr. Hicks is an author, businessman, speaker and advocate who speaks on how to bridge the divide between people, processes, and problems. He is a founder of the 99forone. Life Foundation which provides services to disadvantaged families and partner of HIH LLC an IT consultancy and investment firm helping thoughtful leaders succeed in business.

His clients include:

  • Small & Medium Businesses
  • Heads of Non-profit organizations
  • Various Church Organizations
  • Chairpersons of multiple boards & committees
  • Athletic & Entertainment Artist Management

Many have called him a transformational/speaker for non-profit, government and corporate organizations, as such he has thousands of social-media followers. He has two books scheduled for release late 2018 and early 2019: The Millennium Leader: A bridge between generations & A Father to Me: my walk with Jesus. Ordained and trained as a minister, he has taken informal and formal studies in Divinity. For over 15 years David has worked in IT field. He holds a B.S. in Information Systems Technology from Regent University and a Master of Business Administration, Information Technology Management (MBA-ITM) from Florida Institute of Technology. His current academic studies include Master of Cybersecurity and Doctor of Strategic Leadership (expected 2019 & 2020). His research interests include emerging technologies, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, leadership and organizational skills development. Follow Mr. Hicks online at LinkedIn or visit his personal blog site at